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October 2007 Updates

We met with State Representative O’Brien and his Executive Assistant Tom Forkin. We discussed the ADL Center’s mission and vision in detail for an hour and forty five minutes. It was an amazing experience to be met with such sincere enthusiasm and support for the center. Over lunch, I was provided with many contacts and information to support the effort to get this center up and running. It was at this meeting that I was provided with Nina Wall-Cote’s contact information and told I would have O’Brien’s support in contacting her and help with scheduling a meeting.

One short week later we met with State Representative Thomas Murt. Again, we presented ADL Center’s mission and vision in detail with the hope of gaining his support. I’m pleased to say that again, we were met with sincere and generous support for the center. He shared with us more vital contacts and information to aid in the realization of this center. He offered us an amazing opportunity to be on Comcast Newsmakers in a TV segment to highlight the ADL Center and gain some exposure and community support.

At this meeting we also discussed a possible location for the center. Upon hearing we were looking to be based out of Montgomery County, in a flash of brilliance, Representative Murt suggested the Willow Grove Air Base ( as it is scheduled to closed).We agreed this would be the ideal location, and continue to be in contact to make that the home of the ADL Center.